How The Ropers Got Their Spin-off Show

ABC made the decision to replace the Ropers with Don Knots as the landlord on Three’s Company. At the time the decision was made, the ropers were very popular due to their success on Three’s Company. Trading the second rate apartment for posh apartment in the hills.

The real problems came into play because Audra Lindley and Norman Fell were at the end of their contracts. It is rumored that in an effort to save money, they went with Don Knots rather than the Ropers, as they required hefty salary increased in their new contracts. The new show would give them a chance to branch out on their own and create a new series based just on their characters. They were promised if the show was not successful, they could return to Three’s Company within a year; this promise was never kept. The show lasted a short time, from 1979-1980 with 22 episodes and only 2 seasons.

The series did have a following, though it was cancelled prematurely. Some say the time slot and night it aired on had something to do with its failure. The acting was certainly the same as it was in Three’s Company, Stanly and Helen were both magnificent.

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