The Ropers After Three’s Company Show

When the contracts were up of Helen and Stanley Roper on Three’s Company, ABC made some decisions for replacement. The idea was to bring Don Knots to replace them by buying their old apartment building. The Ropers would move onto bigger and better things. Loading up their classic 69 Chevy, they backed into their fancy new apartment complex; much to the horror of Jeffrey, their new neighbor.Want more? Click here.

Perhaps it was the wild cock fights that Stanley told Jeffery about, or the misconstrued ideas about the kids from Three’s Company, that put things off on a rocky start for the neighbors. Jeffrey was a stiff shirt and Anne his wife had a flare for the wild side. While she was a typical mother, she maintained the balance in the relationship. What was working for the show was the chemistry between the neighbors and the Ropers.

Helen was a hopeless romantic, Stanley was just hopeless, and Jeffrey he had little use for either one of them. Unlike in Three’s Company, the show lacked a real plot basis. There were five main characters in the show and their love/hate relationship only had so many places that it could go.

Stanley was always a fan favorite because he was the typical older man. Stanley was grouchy, set in his ways, but still loved Helen the best way he knew how. Helen was exotic and had a taste all her own. Her larger than life smile, her wildly colored moo moos and supersize rings gave her a sense of flare. The audience could relate with Helen, because she was the typical older woman in a sexless marriage with a grumpy old man. The chemistry was great, however the shop just lacked the “it” factor. Whether it was the time the show was on, the network or the plot base, it only lasted for a mere 2 seasons.

Though the show was short lived, it still had a strong fan base. Helen and Stanley were classic TV, and they just do not make shows like that anymore.

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